Island Cruises will be working with the Dockyard throughout the summer to bring you an amazing pirate experience following on from our successful summer 2018 cruises, this season will see us departing Queenborough for a themed swashbuckling trip up the river Medway, dropping you off on Thunderbolt pier, located in the very heart of the dockyard. From here you will have the opportunity to visit the amazing V&A touring pirate exhibition with loads to do for the kids, you will also have time to visit the Dockyard and all it has to offer.

This exhibition will look at Pirates as characters in children’s culture and as icons in the popular imagination.

Pirates have been family favourites for over 200 years, with many stories and tales to share! Everyone knows a Pirates mannerism and what they wear, but do you know why?

Get ready young buccaneers for all things Pirates – you’re bound to learn a new Pirate trick or two to join the ranks!