We’ve had a very difficult second season here at Island Cruises with two major costly repairs to our starboard propulsion drive and starboard engine, this meant we were out of service through the warm summer months of July and August, the repairs were eventually completed in September. We then started training our new skipper who has been working hard to attain his pilot exemption certificate to take passengers out on the Medway and Thames. The unpredictable weather has unfortunately hampered the last month, however we have managed to find a few days to get out and about on the Thames. Our winter season starts as of the 1st November which allows us to run up the Medway to Rochester and around the Swale to Whitstable, unfortunately we will not be able to get out in to the Thames now until April 2020 when our new summer season starts. We still have lots of cruises available so take a look and see if anything interests you. See you aboard soon.


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